In Thailand there is no social security or pension as such and its the children's job (when they grow up) to support the older members of the family. If the income earner of the family dies or is unable to work, it throws the entire family into a distressed situation. Sadly there are many people in this position. In a lot of cases the kids end up on the streets or working in prostitution, as their mothers can't afford to care for them. Tragically there is a high demand for the latter from Westerners.

A portion of our income goes towards supporting two families in Northern Thailand. Both families have lost their husbands (and fathers) and have no financial resources. We provide a house in Chiang Mai, and cover all expenses including the rent, transport, food, clothing and education for the kids. The kids can eventually go through to university, and be able to secure a good job so they can in turn support their families.

This is not a registered charity and we are not asking for donations. We simply help two families and do this freely, its simply how we like to give back to the world. Above - the 7 kids who benefit from our program.

When you engage our services, we are in turn able to offer support to these families in a way that is deeply rewarding and heartfelt.

If you are interested in contributing to a good cause, we have listed organisation's that we feel are worthwhile below:

Children: http://www.childfund.org.au
Animal Welfare: http://www.rspca.org.au
Conservation: http://www.treesforlife.org.au