Code of Ethics

We have a high standard of ethics that we live by. We are dedicated to providing and exceptional service to our clients through honesty, transparency and maintaining a level of integrity that we are not prepared to compromise.

Client focused We are focused on you the client. In your dealings with us you will notice that we address YOUR goals and needs, and you will have a sense that you are being heard and seen. The properties we source come from a very wide scope, we are not limited to one or two developers. In fact we have an enormous resource with well over 5000 off the plan properties from varying sources. We can also locate established properties and are not limited to off the plan stock. With such a large resource of property, we can easily cater for your needs, unlike marketers who represent one or two developers.
Professional The property investment advice we offer addresses your investing goals first and foremost. We are committed to mitigating risk and we present sustainable investment plans that are within your capacity, with a strong focus on performance.
Disclosure The material we provide is fully transparent in so far as we disclose all facets of the investment opportunity. This includes addressing any risks involved, any concerns you have, etc. All information regarding the property profile is out on the table in a realistic and down-to-earth manner, showing both positive and negative aspects. And we are completely up front about any fees or commissions that may be involved.
Due Diligence Our research is second to none when it comes to presenting a property to you. We independently research each property and location. The information is referenced and all the pros and cons are out on the table. Unlike many people in the real estate industry who over exaggerate and inflate information, we have a grounded, down to earth, realistic approach. Our concern is maintaining sustainability, so we carry out thorough due diligence prior to offering an investment opportunity.